• Dear John, I wish we could take them! Sadly, shipping is too expensive. For kids’ books, try your local PAL Center or Boys and Girls Club. For adult books try a low income senior center or community center. Or, you might see if your local library has a “Friends” group. Ours has an annual Used Book Sale with 70,000 books! Thanks so much for writing! Susan

  1. I just read an article about your organization in the February 2013 issue of Family Circle. I live about an hour from Weston, West Virginia, and I was amused to read that while making the seven-hour trip from Pennsylvania you were driving winding mountain roads and clutching the steering wheel the whole way. I don’t know what roads you were driving, but I-79 from Pittsburgh comes south right into West Virginia, and you can take the 4-lane all the way to the Weston exit. Once you get off the exit, you are 5 miles from the town of Weston. Not the steering wheel clutching drive described in the article. (Now if you had said you had to travel to Alum Bridge Elementary in Lewis County, I could sympathize)

    • We actually came from Delaware (absolutely nowhere near Pittsburgh) and went to Morgantown first. Trust me, winding mountain roads scary as all get-out. I still haven’t gotten over it… 🙂

  2. HI, I have some books I would love to donate. I do not mind shipping them myself (post office- media mail is much less). is there an address I can ship them too? My kids read so fast, would be great to give them to a great organization!

  3. I live in New York but drive thru Delaware a few times a year. If I fill up my car with books, would you be able to accept them and how much advance warning do you need for a drop off. Thanks.
    (PS I also saw your article in Feb Family Circle)

    • I see that the Family circle article has generated interest. Are you an organization that would appreciate book donations? In reading through your posts I don’t see an answer to whether you will accept books that are shipped at the owners expense to you.

      I would be happy to donate and ship at my expense books that I would like to see enjoyed by the groups that you serve. I would like to know the someone is enjoying my books as much as I have.

      My daughter and I both have boxes of books that we would donate.

      • Thanks so much for writing Sylvia! Yes, we accept and and all donations whether they are delivered to our office by hand or by mail. Our shipping address is listed under the Contact tab on the Home page of this site. Please call us if you need further information and thanks again!

  4. O.k., third time to try for an answer…………do you take textbooks? My husband and i are both college professors and have many good texts.

    • Dear Jean, If we haven’t responded already, please accept our apologies. Since the Family Circle article appeared, we have been deluged by emails, comments, letters — and phone has not stopped ringing for two weeks! In answer to your question, we generally do not accept textbooks, because they are hard to place. We do have a few hundred (for younger kids — elementary and middle school age) that we sent to Africa. But, the college level ones are harder to place. We will absolutely take them if you’d like to donate, it just may be a while before we can find them a “home.” Thanks again for writing! Suasn

  5. I just read the article in the Feb. issue of Family Circle and am very excited about your program. I Taught for several years here in NC and finding books for my students to read was my number one project. As a grandmother of 10 it is still my number one project. In the past year I have finally depleated my collection gathered as a teacher and mother, giving books to my grandchildren, preschools and even books going to start a library in Puerto Rico. Are there any such projects here? I live in Winston-Salem NC, am disabled but very interested in getting involved in any type of program that involves getting books into the hands of our future leaders of America. I can never stress the importance of reading to my children and grandchildren and am blessessed to have many that LOVE reading.

    • Dear Patricia, I think that we are kindred spirits — thanks so much for writing! Unfortunately, I am not sure about similar literacy programs North Carolina, but there is an organization called Volunteer Match that helps match volunteers and non-profit organizations who need help. You can search by key words (reading, literacy, etc.) or by location (your city or county) to find the perfect match. The link to Volunteer Match is http://www.volunteermatch.org/ Hope that helps! Susan

  6. Dear Success Won’t Wait,

    I’d appreciate it if you could update the link for Delaware Hospice on you site.

    The active, live link is http://www.delawarehospice.org

    Thanks so much for your support.

    Kind regards,


    Gary Bloomer
    Senior Marketing Specialist

    Delaware Hospice, Inc.,
    3515 Silverside Road,
    WILMINGTON, DE 19810

    Tel: 302-478-5707, Ext. 1133

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