Success Won’t Wait Volunteer Natalie Hines Wins Statewide Competition

Natalie_Hines_Grand_Prize_10th_grade_Padua_Academy Our dedicated volunteers come from all walks of life, represent all ages, and are successful in many activities and endeavors outside of their work at Success Won’t Wait. We like to celebrate their many achievements and that’s why we were so thrilled to learn that when DART First State announced the winners of its 9th Annual Statewide Transit Theme Poster Contest, the Grand Prize Winner was our very own Success Won’t Wait volunteer Natalie Hines!

Natalie is a 10th Grader at Padua Academy in Wilmington. Her artwork will be placed on all DART First State buses statewide and will be turned into a DART Corporate note card. Her artwork will also be featured on and in DART newsletters. Natalie_Hines_Grand_Prize_10th_grade_Padua_Academy_poster

Over 165 students from 16 schools and after-school programs statewide participated in the contest, depicting their vision of the theme this year, Design a Transit Greeting Card. Students researched the bus service and its various destinations and learned of the benefits of riding transit in Delaware. Students from 6th through 12th grade were invited to participate. A First Place Winner from each grade was chosen along with an overall Grand Prize Winner.

Congratulations to Natalie!

Founded in 2002, Success Won’t Wait, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit literacy organization based in Wilmington, Delaware. Want to learn more about Success Won’t Wait’s literacy projects, how to donate used books in Delaware, or volunteer your time? Click on the About Us tab to learn more.

Read now, because success won’t wait!

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