Volunteer Spotlight On: Susan Conforte McNeill

Success Won't Wait co-founder Susan Conforte McNeill
Success Won't Wait co-founder Susan McNeill

Susan Conforte McNeill is the co-founder of Success Won’t Wait. In 2002, she and family friend Vincenza Carrieri-Russo started the organization with one purpose in mind – to get kids excited about reading. Since then, the organization has come a long way — creating literacy projects that touch lives all over the world. Susan has dedicated thousands of hours to the organization, not only in sorting and delivering books, but to website development, development of marketing materials and interfacing with other community organizations to create programs that work!

Susan’s future plans involve the finalization of a 501c3 application, which would provide Success Won’t Wait with tax-exempt non-profit status and allow the group to apply for grant money. Her other major goal is continue to recruit volunteers – the driving force behind the group’s ongoing success.

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