Make a Difference Day is October 24

coverMake a Difference Day  is October 24 and once again, Success Won’t Wait volunteers will honor the day with a project designed to help those in our local community. If you aren’t familiar with Make a Difference Day, this is the most encompassing national day of helping others — a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors.

The event, created by USA WEEKEND Magazine, takes place annually on the fourth Saturday of every October. Since its inception, millions have participated. In 2008 alone, 3 million people cared enough about their communities to volunteer on that day, accomplishing thousands of projects in hundreds of towns.

If you want to join us and participate in the Success Won’t Wait project, click here . Or, if you want to participate in another project, an easy to use project finder is available at the Make a Difference Day website. Whatever you choose to do, remember that you can make a difference!

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