Kids learn to love reading at Nemours

61-0611-336-Xmas%20Colt_jpg%20%28300x481%29In 2008, we completed a library installation for the Family Resource Center at AI duPont Children’s Hospital, which is a part of the world-renowned Nemours health system. This week, we started a wonderful partnership with a second part of the organization, Nemours Children’s Clinic, a single group practice with multiple locations in Wilmington and the Delaware Valley as well as Jacksonville, Orlando and Pensacola, Florida.

Today we provided the group with over 1,000 books as part of their ongoing effort to make early literacy a standard part of pediatric primary care. Following the Reach Out and Read model, Nemours pediatricians, family physicians and nurses advise parents that reading aloud is the most important thing they can do to help their children love books and to start school ready to learn. They also provide a brand new book during each pediatric visit.

 61-0610-334Horse%20Called%20Trouble_jpg%20%28300x481%29But Nemours goes a step further! Not only do they provide books for patients, but for siblings attended the visit, as well. We were thrilled to donate books that will help promote children’s developmental skills and later school success!

Many thanks to PONY Book USA, whose continued support of Success Won’t Wait makes many of these great projects possible!

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