Kids at Emmaus House receive an early holiday gift

Maclary Elementary students are ready to deliver books to Emmaus House

When we were contacted back in October by Ananda Dakin, Vice President of Maclary Elementary School’s PTA about a Holiday Gift Drive for Newark’s Emmaus House, we knew we wanted to help!

Ananda’s request was two-part. First, we would provide new books as a great addition to the holiday presents being collected by Maclary students for the resident Emmaus House children. Second, we would provide approximately 1,000 used books for the small and inadequate existing Emmaus House lending library.

 The Emmaus House is a temporary family shelter and as such, has a revolving population including many children, ranging in age from 8 months to 18 years. At the Emmaus House families are given the opportunity stay together while addressing the underlying causes of their homelessness.

Many thanks to Ananda Dakin and the students of Maclary Elementary School for organizing such a thoughtful project!

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