Authors supporting our mission

We often receive donations of new books from literary agents, publishers and even authors themselves, all destined for one of our literacy projects, new libraries, or schools. So I wasn’t surprised to receive a package from author Linda Hayes in my mailbox. What did surprise me is just how adorable “Grandma’s First Computer” is!

Grandma’s First Computer is a clever and very humorous look at Grandma’s latest adventure. After purchasing a computer, Grandma has no idea what to do next. Luckily, Grandson Timmy is able to help her out! As anyone who has children can attest, this is one area where the kids definitely know best! My favorite parts are without question the many instances where Grandma is completely befuddled with computer terminology and lingo. Mouse? Web? You can imagine what goes through Grandma’s mind!

This is a perfect read for (shockingly computer-savvy) pre-K through kindergarten aged children who will get a giggle out of poor Grandmas’ confusion. The books will be put to good use in several of our on-going programs for schools in the tri-state area.

Thank you so much to Delaware author Linda Hayes!

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