Recognizing our most outstanding volunteers!

As an official Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Awards, Success Won’t Wait recently received information about important updates to the program.

According to the PVSA, 2009 brought about a lot of change and program involvement increased by 30%! PVSA also recently moved from Washington, DC to the Points of Light Institute corporate offices in Atlanta. And, a new team was assigned in the fall of 2009!

All of these changes have resulted in some adjustments and upgrades to the internal structure of the program. PVSA’s focus most recently has been to streamline the ordering process and update critical content and software on the website.

Now that the kinks are worked out of their internal systems, we are ready to begin nominating outstanding volunteers again. According to PVSA, we should not see the long delays that we experienced during the spring and summer. So, if you are a Success Won’t Wait volunteer who has fulfilled the requirements (with documentation and signatures) outlined at President’s Volunteer Service Awards, please provide us with your information so that we can recognize your achievements!

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