Summer reading program for the U.S. Virgin Islands gears up!

We were recently approached by Learn It Systems, a Baltimore based supplemental education provider that supports and works with the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands in a summer reading challenge for school children. Each year, Learn It Systems contributes thousands of books to the program so that over 600 students, many of which are from low-income families, are able to participate in the challenge.

In each case, the student was given least 5 books to read and keep. The program has been so successful, that in 2008 over 250 of those 600+ students read more than 10 books each!

This year, they asked us for assistance in expanding the program and allow them to provide even more children’s books for K-8 students. We were thrilled to help the fabulous program!

Today, Thomas Hayes of Learn It Systems (pictured) paid us a visit and received over 2,400 brand new books for the program. To read more, please visit Learn it Systems or Governor John DeJongh of the US Virgin Islands.

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