Bubbles and babies and … books!

When we read in the News Journal that Ms. Elisabeth Simmons at the Kirkwood Highway Library was starting a new reading program for the youngest members of the library, we knew we wanted to help! You see, Ms. Simmons has been our children’s librarian since we were tots! Every year, we’ve participated in the Summer Reading Program, attended special functions held at the library, and even followed Ms. Simmons to the Elsmere Library through the construction of the new Kirkwood facility.

Success Won’t Wait had recently received a donation of brand new pre-K books from educational publisher WilBooks, so we had materials on hand. And this weekend, my brother Matt, my sister Christine and I donated 300 books to the program. These will be given out at the end of “read aloud time” in the new program.

Here we are pictured with Ms. Simmons, the world’s best librarian!


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