…we’re ready for our close up!

Although the temperatures are surpassing the 100 degree mark this week, we’ve been hard at work moving furniture, updating our office and cleaning up our warehouse space in preparation for our photo shoot for Family Circle Magazine.

Now as you enter, you are greeted by a wall of library shelving (courtesy of our fabulous landlord and longtime supporter Vinnie Carrieri-Russo). . The shelves hold our collection of vintage books, salvaged from donations over the years.

Opening each donation box is truly an adventure. Many books are well over 100 years old. In fact, our oldest book found (to date) was written in German and was published in 1855!

Behind the wall of shelving (and the facade of organization!) is our sorting area. This is where the real work is done, sorting through donations and assigning them a new home.

As you can see, we still have a lot of work to do. If you’re free and have a couple of hours, give us a call. The AC works great and the sodas are on us!

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