Daily Points of Light #4344

Congratulations to Ashley McNeill, the most recent Success Won’t Wait volunteer to be honored with a national Daily Points of Light Award (award #4344). National honorees are each recognized on the Points of Light home webpage for one day – Ashley will be honored on September 30, 2010.

The Daily Point of Light Award recognizes individuals and volunteer groups who have made a commitment to connect Americans through service to help meet critical needs in their communities. The program was established by the administration of former President George H.W. Bush as part of “a movement to engage all individuals, families, businesses, groups and organizations in America to solve community problems.”

Criteria utilized in the selection of honorees includes community needs and solution, connections building, ongoing involvement, impact and innovation.

Ashley joins Success Won’t Wait co-founder Vincenza Carrieri-Russo in the roster of outstanding honorees. Vincenza was recognized for her literacy efforts in July 2004.

Congratulations to Ashley and many thanks for all of her hard work!

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