Happy New Year! It’s resolution time, time to declutter, and donate those old books!

Early January is a great time to make good on those New Year’s resolutions and declutter your home! Since the frigid temperatures and snow drifts are keeping you inside, why not use that time to reevaluate your bookcases, garage, attic and basement?

And, if you have books you’d like to donate, please consider Success Won’t Wait! We are a 501c3 charity and offer tax deduction slips (so important in today’s economy). Your books will find a new home through one of our many literacy initiatives.

Success Won’t Wait offers a permanent drop location at:

1729 Marsh Road, Wilmington, DE 198810

Hours of operation:

Monday through Friday, 9:30 -5:00

For more information, contact us at 302-388-9669

Without donations like yours, we could not fulfill the many books requests we receive on a weekly basis. Thank you for your continued support and Happy New Year!


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