The Mary Kay Global Month of Service goal is one million hours of service worldwide! Log your hours today!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Mary Kay, its independent sales force, customers, employees and friends are uniting to volunteer Feb. 8 – March 8, 2011, as part of the Mary Kay Global Month of Service. The goal is to log one million hours of volunteer service around the world!

If you have volunteered your time between Feb. 8 and Mar. 8  please go to and click on the “I volunteered” button one time for every day you volunteered during the month.   It is retroactive, so if you have already volunteered four days, for example, you can go ahead and click the button four times.

Your service can be volunteering for your charitable organization, helping out at your school, and more. Please feel free to log hours for your friends or family that are helping you, or better yet, please share this post with others so that they can log their hours, too!

Simply go to Mary Kay Global Month of Service Facebook tab to upload pictures or share your volunteer activity.  And, please check back after Mar. 8 to see the results.

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