Recycling is just part of the job at literacy organization Success Won’t Wait!

Pictured left to right are Success Won't Wait volunteers Christine McNeill, Julianna Short and Addy Berger.

One of the necessary parts of volunteering for Success Won’t Wait is taking out the trash – literally! Sadly, every month we receive books that have outlived their usefulness. These books are torn, stained, yellowed, or otherwise unusable. What to do? Recycle of course!

Volunteers at Success Won’t Wait remove book covers rendering them “naked” and deliver them to an Abitibi Retriever site. Abitibi Retriever is an organization that collects paper for recycling and donates the proceeds to local schools and nonprofits.

The proceeds from Success Won’t Wait’s recycling efforts go to benefit the students at Brandywine Springs School in Wilmington, Delaware and H.B. DuPont Middle School in Hockessin, Delaware.

Want to learn more about Success Won’t Wait’s literacy projects, how to donate your books, or volunteer your time? Simply visit About Success Won’t Wait.

Read now, because success won’t wait!

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