Getting kids reading with technology and electronic versions of the You’ve been Sentenced! game

Since 2005, sales of the You’ve been Sentenced! word game have helped fund Success Won’t Wait’s literacy efforts. In fact, on the side of every You’ve been Sentenced! game box is the Success Won’t Wait story and links to our site.

Many of you know about the innovative partnership between Success Won’t Wait and McNeill Designs. The collaboration began when McNeill Designs principles, creators of the You’ve been Sentenced! word game, committed themselves to using the company’s success to help support important charitable literacy causes. And, since 2005, McNeill Designs has donated a portion of sales of each You’ve Been Sentenced! game to Success Won’t Wait!

So, we are pleased to announce that McNeill Designs recently launched a RocketHub funding project to turn the award-winning You’ve been Sentenced!word game into mobile apps, as well as apps for Smart Board technology to get even more kids reading!

Not familiar with RocketHub? RocketHub is the world’s funding machine — an international and open community that has helped thousands of creative folks raise millions of dollars for all kinds of projects.

What makes RocketHub special? Well, RocketHub offers an innovative way to raise money called crowdfunding, plus tangible opportunities to take creative products and endeavors to next level. It’s a destination for emerging artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, as well as those who wish to discover and support innovative work.

The basics: Creatives launch RocketHub funding projects, upload submissions for LaunchPad Opportunities, and connect directly with Fuelers. Fuelers support RocketHub projects and LaunchPad Opportunity submissions by making financial contributions and spreading the word. It’s that easy!

And now, you can become part of the project with special offers only found on RocketHub! Join (it’s FREE). Sign in (it’s EASY) with Facebook. Then visit McNeill Designs on RocketHub to check out our special offers. But hurry – there are only 52 days left to take advantage of these specials and become part of the reading revolution!

Founded in 2002, Success Won’t Wait, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit literacy organization based in Wilmington, Delaware. Want to learn more about Success Won’t Wait’s literacy projects, how to donate used  books, or volunteer your time? Simply visit About Success Won’t Wait.

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