It’s your turn to “Make it Matter” on October 3

mimd-engThe following is an excerpt taken from the American Libraries Assn. website. October 3 is Make it Matter Day. What will you do?

“Earlier this year, the editors at Reader’s Digest asked readers to identify a cause that mattered most to them. The winner was literacy and education.

Reader’s Digest is encouraging the public to participate in literacy events at local Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and libraries. You can also win a trip to New York City to Make It Matter with Reader’s Digest. For details on how to enter and get involved, visit

Many Reader’s Digest readers have shared their stories at One parent recalled reading alternating chapters to a daughter, saying, “As adults, we read the same books then discuss them. This also gives me an ‘in’ in her life.”

Through the Web site, Reader’s Digest offers a number of resources, including a literacy directory ( that highlights key literacy issues, information on research and news on programs and projects; a book-clubs resource ( that provides valuable advice on running a book club, reading resources, online book clubs and reading group  guides; and a literacy site ( that is dedicated to funding free books for children.

The Web site also suggests the following ways to promote reading:

  • Read to your kids or grandkids every day. By getting your child into the habit of reading, you will help develop a passion for books.
  • Help improve the reading skills of children and adults by volunteering to tutor in a literacy program.
  • Share your love of reading and join a book club. If there is no book club in your area, start one of your own. Gather your friends and neighbors and dive deep into classics and new best sellers.
  • Share your enthusiasm for literacy by volunteering at your local school. Whether you read a story to your child’s class or volunteer as a reading tutor in an after-school program, both you and the students will be enriched by the experience of teaching one another.

 “It was important to us to support the cause that our readers chose as most important to them at this time,” said Shannon Johnson, Reader’s Digest events and promotions director. “The other causes that were voted on, including the environment, health and wellness, poverty and supporting military families, are also very important to us and our 35 million readers, and we plan to rally Americans behind additional meaningful causes in the coming years.”

“This year we will Make it Matter for literacy and education Saturday, Oct. 3, by hosting over 100 events nationally in schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and libraries to celebrate the love of reading. We are excited about getting people together to share in the support of such a wonderful and important cause.”

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