Over 250 pre-teen and teen books donated to The Central School; Total now climbs to 750!

Left to right: Matt McNeill of the Delaware literacy organization Success Won't Wait and Shaun Giles for The Central School, pictured with the most recent donation of 250 more pre-teen and teen books for the school.
Left to right: Matt McNeill of Success Won’t Wait and Shaun Giles for The Central School, pictured with the most recent donation of 250 pre-teen and teen books for the school.

Who says that teachers don’t work over the summer? Librarian Erin Giles of The Central School, located in Stanton, Delaware is proof that there are teachers who consistently go the extra mile for their students!

Earlier this year, Erin contacted Success Won’t Wait. Her plea? To help provide books for The Central School, which educates over 200+ students — but has no library!

Success Won’t Wait volunteer Matt McNeill got busy right away and sorted through existing donations for 200 books for the school. A few weeks later, he added another 300 to the total. And this week, he provided another 250!

If you’d like to support this project, books can be dropped off Monday – Friday from 8-5. Books can also be mailed to our office/warehouse at 1729 Marsh Road, Wilmington, DE 19810.

Or, do you need books for your school, program, or non-profit? Please contact us to see how might be able to assist you. 

About The Central School

The school program addresses not only cognitive development but also vocational interests and social skill development. The Central School gives students basic educational skills, language arts, mathematics, computer, science and social studies with the primary focus on increasing their reading ability.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to explore the world of work in many profit and non-profit agencies. To enhance the learning environment at the middle and high school levels, vocational and academic teachers are paired to develop an integrated curriculum within their classrooms.

Students admitted to The Central School receive services which are not available in special education programs in the regular public school. Intensive individualized instruction is provided by a staff of special education and vocational teachers assisted by a staff of classroom aides.

Read now, because success won’t wait! Founded in 2002, Success Won’t Wait, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit literacy organization based in Wilmington, Delaware.

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