Success Won’t Wait donates 500+ books to Treasures for Teachers!

Treasures for Teachers December 2014
Treasures for Teachers Founder Cristen Beecham Zipf

It took us all week to get it ready, but today we made our second donation of 500+ K-12 books to Treasures for Teachers!

Treasures for Teachers, based in Garnet Valley, PA collects gently used or new donations from families, organizations and businesses in order to give them to local schools in need. The mission? To equip classrooms in under-supplied schools with the supplies in order to enhance learning.

What kinds of classroom supplies can you find at Treasures for Teachers? Ribbon. Art supplies. Projector screens. And, books, naturally!

The inspiration behind Treasures for Teachers comes from Founder Cristen Beecham Zipf. Cristen is a former teacher who taught in low, middle and upper income schools. During these experiences, she noticed a huge disparity between what was supplied to teachers in each situation.

Compelled to support hardworking, under-supplied teachers and their students, Cristen began distributing supplies in 2012. After a huge response from teachers, she started Treasures for Teachers in 2013 and committed to solicit, collect, and distribute school supplies to needy schools in the greater Philadelphia region as a full-time job.

We could agree with the Treasures for Teachers mission more. All kids deserve a quality education. To learn more, visit Treasures for Teachers.

Read now, because success won’t wait!

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