Success Won’t Wait donates 500 children’s books to Treasures for Educators

Cristen Zipf, founder of Treasures for Educators with just a few of the books recently donated by Success Won't Wait.
Cristen Zipf, founder of Treasures for Educators with just a few of the books recently donated by Success Won’t Wait.

According to a May 2018 USA Today article entitled, Study: Despite modest income, nearly all teachers pay for class needs out of own pocket, “Ninety-four percent of public school teachers say they spent their own money on notebooks, pens and other supplies in the 2014-15 school year without reimbursement… The average amount spent was $479. About 44 percent spent $250 or less, while 36 percent spent $251 to $500.”

In fact, millions of teachers across the country are shelling out their own hard-earned cash to pay for other supplies, as well, including books.

To help teachers in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, this fall, Success Won’t Wait has once again teamed up with Treasure for Educators to provide 500 kindergarten – teen books. From pencils, to office furniture, to craft supplies, Treasures for Educators supplies teachers in underfunded schools with everything their classrooms need to succeed.

This donation pushes the Success Won’t Wait total to 20,500 books donated to this program alone. To learn more about this amazing program for educators, visit the Treasures for Educators website.

About Success Won’t Wait

Since 2002, Success Won’t Wait volunteers have collected over 1 million books for distribution throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, across the country, and even around the globe. Success Won’t Wait has partnered with schools, districts, after-school programs, non-profits, homeless shelters, prisons, community organizations, senior centers, and the US military to provide books to those in need.

If you need books for an event, please contact us at

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