Led by Margherita Carrieri-Russo, H.B. du Pont Students Collect Over 5,000 Books in Success Won’t Wait Used Book Drive

Organizer Margherita Carrieri-Russo sorts some of the thousands of books collected at HB duPont Middle School!

In June 2005, students at H.B. Dupont Middle School collected over 5,000 used books for charity in a month-long Used Book Drive. The Used Book Drive was organized by the school’s Student Council to benefit the Delaware-based literacy organization Success Won’t Wait, Inc.

“Each class was asked to collect books of all kinds,” explains Student Council President and event organizer Margherita Carrieri-Russo. “Classroom totals were tallied by the Student Council members and the classroom with the highest totals from each grade won a pizza party.”

The total, over 5,000 books, surprised Success Won’t Wait volunteers. “This was a wonderful event for us and our largest single collection of books ever,” says Success Won’t Wait President Susan McNeill. “Not only did we collect many wonderful books for our programs, it was also a great opportunity to introduce even more people to our organization and its mission.”

Some of our youngest volunteers! Matt, Ashley and Christine McNeill.

Books collected in the Used Book Drive will be used to further expand the group’s literacy programs. Success Won’t Wait, Inc. is a not-for-profit literacy organization that collects donations of new and used books. Success Won’t Wait volunteers create Children’s Book Baskets which are placed, at no charge, in any waiting room, lobby or office where a child might wait. The group also develops Independent Libraries, supports local library Friends Groups, and expands existing residential libraries within correctional institutions.

Founded in 2002, Success Won’t Wait, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit literacy organization based in Wilmington, Delaware. Want to learn more about Success Won’t Wait’s literacy projects, how to donate used books in Delaware, or volunteer your time? Click on the About Us tab to learn more.

Read now, because success won’t wait!

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