Operation AC receives 1,000 Books from Success Won’t Wait for Our Troops Stationed Overseas, 2005

Christine McNeill with just a few of the books destined for our fighting men and women overseas! 2005

In July 2005 Success Won’t Wait, Inc. recently donated over 1,000 books to US troops stationed overseas. The donation was made in conjunction with the Delaware-based organization Operation AC.

“We are proud to assist Operation AC’s efforts to support our brave fighting men and women. And we hope that these books provide our soldiers with the ability to enjoy some much needed relaxation,” explains Success Won’t Wait’s Vice-President Vincenza Carrieri-Russo.

“Partnering with Operation AC is a wonderful opportunity to expand our roster of programs,” says Carrieri-Russo. “We look forward to putting together another donation soon, as more books become available through our book drives.”
Operation AC was founded in 2001 when military mother Frankie Mayo’s son and daughter-in-law were both stationed in Iraq. Upon learning of the oppressive heat they endured, she sent them air conditioners. Realizing that this was a pervasive need, she began to solicit donations for others and Operation AC was born.

Since then, Operation AC has expanded to include donations of a myriad of other items requested by US soldiers.

Founded in 2002, Success Won’t Wait, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit literacy organization based in Wilmington, Delaware. Want to learn more about Success Won’t Wait’s literacy projects, how to donate used books in Delaware, or volunteer your time? Click on the About Us tab to learn more.

Read now, because success won’t wait!

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